#2 Mock Senate-Writing a Bill, writing homework help

This is high school work. Use simple English. The topic I choose is refugees. The instructions appear long but it’s simple and I need not more than one single space. You can write less.

#1 Mock Senate-Choosing a Bill Topic


#2 Mock Senate-Writing a Bill


You are to write a bill that you believe will make the U.S. a better place to live based upon your political, economic and or social beliefs. Your goal is to research your topic and write a bill that specifically addresses your topic that is worthy of debate on the Senate floor so that it may become a law.

I. Bill Format (5 possible points):

  • Your bill must beno more than one page typed(single spaced) in paragraph form. (1 point)
  • Your bill must have each line numbered. (1 point)
  • Your bill must be proof read and spell checked. (1 point)
  • At the top left side of your bill must include: Your full name, your class period and the title of your bill (1 point)
  • Ten (10) copies of your bill must be turned in with your original bill so it can be evaluated by multiple committees. (1 point)

II. Bill Content (20 total possible points):

  • Provide a brief description of the specific problem you hope to solve or the issue you wish to solve. (5 points)
  • Conduct research to provide the essential background information and evidence about the issue that supports the need for your bill. (10 points)
  • State your proposed action. Explain what you aim to achieve with your law? (5 points)
  • Provide information that explains how your bill will be funded and implemented. (5 points)
  • Be precise about the nature of the issue you are addressing.
  • The more specific facts and data you provide, the better your bill.
  • Your research must include a minimum of four reputable sources.
  • Describe the background of your issue.
  • Provide evidence (statistics, events, expert opinion, etc.) relevant to your issue.
  • Be specific about exactly what the government will do or change.
  • Consider and answer these types of questions: How many? Which ones? Where? When? How big? How expensive? How many years? For which people? Under what circumstances?
  • Explain how much money will be raised to pay for your proposed action.
  • Explain who or what government agency will put your proposal into effect and who does it affect?
  • How will your law be enforced?
  • If your bill requires creating something new, give an overview what that new “thing” will look like.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Committee groups will carefully evaluate your bill; consider the tone of your bill (be positive and constructive and not negative). You will most likely be asked to revise your bill (just like in the real Senate), otherwise, it will not make it to the Senate floor for debate and a vote.

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