2 Page Essay

Imagine that Mayor Eric Garcetti has decided to run for Governor of California in the next election. You believe that Mayor Garcetti’s policies are exactly what California needs and you’re so excited when he hires you to be an advisor to his campaign. Likewise, Mayor Garcetti recognizes how much Social Psychology can tell us about running a good campaign and he is excited to learn from you about what he can do to run a more effective race.

Write a 1 page (double spaced) strategy brief about BOTH of the following:

1) Suppose Mayor Garcetti is trying to become popular in a group of voters (e.g., young voters, women voters, etc.) that are currently not supporting their candidacy. He really wants this group of voters to vote for him but he’s not sure how to go about becoming more popular in this group. Using your knowledge of norms and social influence, help Mayor Garcetti develop a strategy to make himself seem “cool” to voters of the demographic of interest. Include in your recommendations at least three of the following concepts:

  • Acceptance
  • Compliance
  • Conformity
  • Descriptive norms
  • Informational influence
  • Injunctive/Prescriptive norms
  • Normative influence
  • Obedience
  • Power

2) Suppose Mayor Garcetti is creating his first campaign ad on TV. Using your knowledge of attitudes and persuasion, advise the mayor on how to best appeal to voters. Be as specific as possible, identifying what he should do or say in the commercial in order to best increase his likelihood of winning the election. Include in your recommendations at least three of the following terms or concepts:

  • Attitude accessibility
  • Attitude inoculation
  • Attitude-behavior consistency
  • Central vs peripheral processing (note: this is one concept, not two)
  • Foot in the door technique
  • Psychological reactance
  • Self-perception theory
  • Sleeper effects

You should explain the concepts that you choose while making specific concrete recommendations to your candidate. For each concept, you’ll need to provide an explanation of what it means in your own words and to connect it explicitly to your recommendation. Please bold all concepts to make them easier to identify.


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