2 Paragraphs

Short Paragraph for each answer. Question is on the bottom for the two articles.

Prompt: This Discussion Board is for the two sources on Reconstruction: Louisiana Black Codes and Carl Schurz’s Report on the Condition of the South. After reading the two doucments please respond to the following questions in the board, there is one question for each source and you must post a repsonse for each to recieve credit. The more substantive your post the greater the amount of credit given. Each post is worth up to 5 points.

Question on the Louisiana Black Codes: “Which of the laws passed by white southerners after the Civil War do you think is the most limiting to personal freedom, and why?”

Question on Schurz’s Report: “What reasons does Schurz give for extending voting rights to southern blacks, and in what ways do you think his ideas are tied to issues like the Black Codes passed in the south in 1865-66?”

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