2 questions – airports

300 – 400 + words each

1. Research competing perspectives regarding the issue, such as the official National Taxpayers Union (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. opinion. Based on your research, argue for your position, either for or against the need to increase the PFC, and support your rationale with citations from your sources.

  • Should the passenger facility charge (PFC) limits be increased within the FAA Re-authorization Bill?

2. Historically, airports were located in areas away from residential areas to avoid complaints from the community about noise. However, over the years, residential areas have been built in the areas surrounding airports, resulting in increased noise complaints. Because this issue is so contentious, many airports restrict flight operations to alleviate noise issues and the concomitant grievances. The Sedona Airport (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Website has an example of a proactive airport noise program in place at a GA airport.

  • Many people in aviation argue that if an airport was constructed years before communities encroached into its noise contour area, it should not have to implement a noise abatement program, especially when doing so would hurt the airport’s bottomline. Which point of view is correct?

Conduct some additional research on airport noise issues to formulate your position on the discussion question. Write a response and support your rationale with relevant citations from juried literature.

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