AA, NA, or ALANON meeting, homework help

the assignment is to visit an AA, NA, or ALANON meeting. Take notes on your experience in the group and prepare a written reflective response (3-5 pages) about your experience. In your paper, consider such questions as:

-How did you feel when you arrived?

-How was the meeting organized and conducted?

-What kinds of things were discussed? Superficial? Deeply personal? Relevance?

-How did the leader and the other participants respond to each other?

-What was/were the goal(s) of the meeting?

-How successful was the meeting in achieving its goal(s)?

-In what ways, if any, was the meeting not successful in meeting its goals?

-How did you feel at the end of the meeting?

-How did this experience affect your thoughts/feelings/beliefs/attitudes about substance use?

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