Answer each of the questions below in short-answer format 2- 3 pages

Answer each of the questions below in short-answer format. Write your responses in complete sentences. Your answers to each question should include 2 – 3 paragraphs.Review Short-Answer Assignment Sample as you prepare to complete this assignment.

  1. The United States Congress is bicameral. Define this term and contrast the duties of each house. Identify one of your Congressional representatives (visit if you need help); analyze whether you believe this system allows Congress to effectively accomplish their goals and represent you as their constituent. Use specific examples to support your point of view.
  2. Congress has become more conservative in recent years, especially the House of Representatives. This shift came in tandem with a general shift toward more polarization in both chambers. Define polarization, and explain how it has been exacerbated by the most recent reapportionment (see the Census Bureau 2014 population estimates). How has the public reacted to the ideological divide in Congress?
  3. In your own words, summarize the powers the Constitution vests in the president. How does the system of checks and balances limit presidential powers? Provide specific examples of Congressional checks on presidential powers. Cite one news article (not Wikipedia, visit Rio Library for news articles) that describes a check on the powers of the president by Congress.
  4. Define bureaucracy. List one example along with a brief description of the overall purpose. Describe how the civil services are regulated and analyze whether you think that the Federal Administrative System is effective and trustworthy. State your reasons and give specific examples.
  5. In what ways are many citizens dissatisfied with the federal bureaucracy? What events have affected their opinion, and how has citizen satisfaction changed in recent years? How can citizens influence the public policy process? Provide examples.

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