Argument discussion

For this assignment, you will be given a short article or editorial about a relevant defense and/or national security issue. You should read the essay carefully and analyze it. Then, in a five-paragraph (introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion) essay of approximately 2-3 pages in length, make an argument about the strengths and weaknesses of the argument in the original essay using evidence from the article to support your thesis, and utilizing the material you learned in the course to structure and guide your essay.

NOTE: This means you must analyze it using principles of logic and present it using formal academic writing; this is NOT a personal response essay, so do not write in the first person. You do NOT need to conduct any additional research outside of the materials provided. You will be assessed on your ability to critically evaluate a piece of writing and also the quality of your writing mechanics. Scroll below for sample writing skills papers that illustrate good practices in completing this assignment.

The file titled “peterson.pdf” is the article on drone use that needs to be analyzed. I have also attached a sample paper so you can get an idea of what the instructor is looking for.

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