Bias and Fake News

This homework is divided into 4 basics homework, first one is |-| ( ) Read the Code of Ethics and write a 1-2 sentence response to the following

Do you feel that the journalists followed the S.P.J. Code of Ethics when writing the articles you are analyzing?|-| Second one is (… ) Write a 1-paragraph summary. |-| third one is ( ) Write a bulleted list defining 10 fallacies found in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy article #6 |-| and the fourth one is based on the pictures that I will provide you with, Students will read and summarize Bullock et al.

“Rhetorical Contexts” (L.S.H.- 2-5)

“Academic Concepts” (L.S.H. 6-8)

“Reading Strategies” (L.S.H. 9-16)

“Writing Process” (L.S.H. 17-26), Summarize each reading in a few sentences.

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