business essentials industry analysis

here are the instructions and the detailed instructions are attached. PLEASE COMPLETE ASAP SINCE IT IS ALREADY LATE DUE TO NONE COMPLETION BY ANOTHER TUTOR.

As you write your paper, keep in mind you are capturing a “snap shot” of what is happening in the industry as reflected in your research. This is not a forecasting paper, nor is it an opinion paper. Please include ONLY what you find in your research going back no further than 5 years. Your paper must:

    • Follow APA format;
    • Consist of 7-10 pages; and
    • Include a minimum of 10 references. At least half of your references must be from CityU academic resources.

For added interest and to emphasize key points, your paper may include images such as charts, tables, figures, and graphs, but please include no more than five. You may also include one interview as a reference. Feel free to call someone in the industry you know to be an expert, tell them what you are up to, and ask relevant questions. Students have found the information gained from interviews with industry professionals to be priceless.

As you get started, review the assignment description. You’ll want to answer the questions posed, such as #4. Where is each company most vulnerable? Many students choose to use a SWOT to answer these questions, which works well

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