business security

Discussion Questions:

DB1-The regulatory environment has required a large commitment from business in terms of security, audit and compliance. How do businesses try to balance security with business operations? How has this tightened security affected employee privacy and productivity?

DB2-As the information age continues to evolve, Information Security, of course, has moved to the forefront of business. Discuss the various regulatory rules many businesses are required to abide by. How has this affected how businesses operate in today’s climate?

above 2 DB’s are should be write between 250 to 300 words. and must provide AP style reference under each DB with link.

Assignment Question: –

Pick one of the various regulatory rules (e.g. HIPPA, GLBA, SOX, PCI-DSS, etc) and in a 4-5-page paper, discuss the history of the regulation, how it was enacted and how it has affected the businesses it governs.

This assignment should be write in APA format

Must need headings

Reference should be provided at the last page

must follow the question properly

Totally you have to do 2 Discussion Boards and 1 Assignment.

paper should not contain plagiarism and should not match with any other student’s paper

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