Common Assignment: “Learning From Mis-Steps

Please follow the instructions for the assignment below. I have also provided a little information about the patient/client that I want to talk about for this assignment below. Please use the assessment, goal and intervention skills for this assignment and expand using the instructions given on the bottom. Please use APA style and citations when completing this assignment. If you have any questions please let me know.

Assessment: A 55-year-old Hispanic male, with a history of heroin use disorder. He attends substance abuse program and he meets with me his counselor every week. He also has a history of distorted thinking and the negative thought progress that consist of he doesn’t feel worthy to be clean and sober.

Goal: To identify negative and dysfunctional thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Intervention skills: education, identifying triggers

Instructions for Assignment

Students will write a paper in which they demonstrate their ability to develop, implement, and evaluate a responsive, evidence informed intervention strategy with a client system (individual, family, group). Students should select a practice situation in which they attempted to apply a theoretically grounded, evidence-informed, client-sensitive intervention with a client system, but the intervention did not work. In the paper, they will present a practice excerpt from a process recording that illustrates how they tried to apply the particular strategy; they will analyze why they think it did not work (drawing on relevant theory, research evidence and client feedback); and they will develop a plan for correction (drawing on relevant theory, research, and client feedback). Content of the paper should include:

  1. Practice context/setting and how that affected clinical practice.
  2. Focus of work: Identify client and focus for work (e.g., presenting problem, clinical issue that emerged in treatment, cultural and diversity issues, ethics and values, etc.).
  3. Student’s assessment and understanding of the original problem/focus for work (using practice theories/models, assessment results, relevant literature and knowledge/information from other sources, human rights and social justice).
  4. Intervention plan that evolved from the assessment and was informed by theory, research, and client preference.
  5. Student’s description of the practice mis-step including a practice excerpt from a process recording to illustrate it. Parenthetical or columnar comments attached to the excerpt the student indicates what skills/theories/models she or he was trying to use.
  6. Critical and reflective analysis of the mis-step, including conclusions about why the mis-step occurred.
  7. Plan for correction that draws on relevant theory, research and client feedback.

Paper should be approximately 8 pages, with sufficient research cited to support your points. Relevant literature must be cited throughout the paper and a reference list of cited literature should be included at the end of the paper.

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