Discussion: Ethical Dilemmas and Breaking the Law

    • Initial posts should be approximately 200 words.
    • Use complete sentences and work-appropriate vocabulary.
  1. If you need assistance, post on the Questions forum for this course.


Below I’ve provided some questions to help us have a conversation about ethical dilemmas present in The Hunger Games and a provocative question posed by Katniss. Please respond to BOTH prompts in your initial entry–one paragraph per prompt.

1. Your initial entry:

  • Respond to the following questions:
    • What are your initial impressions of Haymitch and Cinna? Since this is a course on ethics, what specific ethical dilemmas do you identify with them? As a reader, what do you want to know about them that we aren’t told? Why?
    • At one point Katniss asks, “Who hasn’t broken the law?” It’s in interesting question, I think. What laws do many people break without giving them any thought? Why is this? Is there some law you break regularly but seldom feel badly about it? On the other hand, are there laws others violate that you find troublesome or problematic? What value do you give to the creation and enforcement of law?

2. Responses to peers:

  • Read the entries of your peers and respond thoughtfully and substantively to at least one of your peers to receive full credit for this assignment.
    • What do you find most interesting about their responses, and why? Did they make points that were similar to or different from your own?

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