ecosystem self-analysis

For the final section of your project, discuss your own chronosystem in terms of sociohistorical events and conditions that have affected or continue to affect your life. Be sure to discuss them on a macro level, keeping the focus on the effects of time at a historical level. Cite any resources used in APA format.

Once completed, piece each section of your ecosystem self-analysis together into one unified paper. Make sure to make smooth transitions between each system. Your final paper should follow this structure:

  • Introduction and thesis, including research information of Ecosystems Theory and how it is applied to an individual
  • Self-analysis of individual as a system
  • Self-analysis of the micro and mesosystems
  • Self-analysis of the exosystem
  • Self-analysis of the macrosystem
  • Reflection of the chronosystem applied to self
  • Conclusion
  • References

Make sure to review any feedback you have received and proofread your paper accordingly. Your paper should be written in APA format and must have at least three scholarly references from library or Internet research. Your final paper should be 6-8 pages long, not counting your cover page and References page.


As indicated by studies, human beings live in almost every part of the world, and that the interaction of human beings with the environment greatly affects the appearance of the surrounding. This is the reason as to human beings are considered to be a system. (Block 23)

My body is a system because it comprises of psychological or soul, a spirit and biological or physical component. I perceive my psychological to be responsible for my behavior. This is because a human being is known to behave in accordance to their psychological setup (Sherwood 15). Moreover, my health requirements determine on how I interact with the environment. For example, when I am sick am limited to a specific space thus affecting how I interact with the environment. In addition, my body organs such as the hands, the brain and fits greatly impacts the environment. For example, suppose my brain is equipped with knowledge on the need to conserve the environment, then my surrounding will be much cleaner as opposed to the surrounding of another person who is not aware of environmental conservation. It is worth noting that my nervous system is responsible for my attitude toward the environment. Furthermore, my spiritual aspect is an important aspect because it assists me come up with a perception about the universe (MacKinlay 56). For example, being a Christian I believe that God exists in three forms; that is God the father, God the son, and God the holy spirit. It is my spiritual aspect that determines how I interact with other people in accordance to what I know as the God’s way. It is also important to note that my emotions are the main cause behind my state of happiness or fear.

In conclusion, it is evident that my body, as like for any other human being function as a system within its environment. As it is with all other systems, various subsystems make up my life. The multiple dimensions of the system enable me to interact with the environment in a range of activities. Although as a human I have significant control over the environment, some aspects of the environment also affect the body system including the health issues.

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micro – mesosystems

Bronfenbrenner developed a theory of ecosystem relating the microsystem with the mesosystem of human beings. Bronfenbrenner theory is a very interesting one since it explains how the development of a teenagers is influence by ecological environment and social environment of an individual. Bronfenbrenner is of the opinion that the main source of human development is the natural environment, something that is often underestimated by human design laboratory technicians and researchers. According to this theory of ecosystem, the four systems associated to human development are macrosystem, exosystem, mesosystem and microsystem (Horowitz, 1987).

My innermost layer of this ecological system is my microsystem. Microsystem is defined as the influence associated to direct environment as an individual interact with activities of the environment. It is worth noting that the human environment continuously changes as I develop from one age bracket to another. When I was a baby, my microsystem environment was mainly my family. At my teenager stage, my micro system grows to a combination of school and family. Therefore, the second ecological system is a system of intermediacy referring to a relationship between mutual relation and the microsystem. According to Bronfenbrenner, optimization in development can only be achieved if there exist a positive and strong relationship between the micro systems. That is the mesosystem. In other words, my community, school and family make up my micro system. Within my family setting, I execute roles of a friend, sister and daughter. This is to imply that the relationship between me and members of my family is of a mutual influence. In my opinion, every family member a key individual in the family micro system. This is because we influence one another, learn from one another and grow together as a family. Through my mother’s patience and tolerance, I learnt to treat every person around me in a kind way. Through my father, I learnt the courage to handle challenges in life and never give up in life. My father also taught me to be persistent and tenacious. On the other hand, my brother taught me to be always thankful so as to enhance happiness among people around me. Through my sister, I learnt the importance of sharing my possessions with friends instead of enjoying them alone.

Regarding my mesosystem, I am of the school of thought that my family influence guides my actions with other members of the society and even schoolmates. This is because through my parents, I learnt to be kind and nice to others, so when I joined school, I also influence the life of my classmate as I was willing to help most of them. Moreover, my experiences with other members of the community and schoolmates assisted me in reverse. I was able to make good friends since my character created an opinion in them that I am good too. Furthermore, many people assisted me in time hard times because I also assisted them at one point of their life. If this is turned into a cycle where I help you, you help someone else and others help me too, then the society becomes a good place.

Another factor that is important in influencing my micro system and mesosystem is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence entails a combination of sympathy, self-management and self-awareness added up to comprise a skillful relationship. Through self-aware, I was able to appropriately define myself and the environment around me. Through self-management, I was able to manage and coordinate my relationship with my community, my school and my family. On the other hand, sympathy molded me into a person having a kind heart. Furthermore, I am still learning to handle all my relationships and maintaining all things in a state that is healthy. (Norman Duncan, 2007)


Horowitz, F. D. (1987). Exploring Developmental Theories: Toward a Structural/behavioral Model of Development. Psychology Press.

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Exosystem Self

An exosystem is defined as a stage of establishing a person’s ecology comprising of linkages and processes between one scenery which can be a Microsystem context and the other which is not. A microsystem context is a setting that contains the individual and other settings includes other people or places that an individual may not network with but still have a huge effect on them. In this paper, we will be doing a self analysis of the groups and institutions that make up my community and how their interactions have influenced my development.

There are several institutions and groups in my community including a public school, a church, child services, police station, fire station and many others. My parents and many of my extended family members worked in these institutions and thus, they greatly affected my development. I schooled at the public school which was run by the church in my community and one fateful day the church decided to close the school due to lack of funds. This affected my whole family since we had to look for another school in a different district and this had a negative impact on my school results for some time.

My father got laid off from work due to an injury he sustained on a road accident that hindered him performing his duties effectively as a fire man. Our lives turned upside down, I became withdrawn from the society due to the problems at home and I even stopped attending mass. My religious and education life were gravely affected, I even stopped volunteering for community development activities. My family got back to its feet when my dad got employed at the police station as a consultant. My development process has greatly been influenced by the institutions in my community both directly and indirectly.


Oswalt, A. (2005). Urie Bronfenbrenner and Child Development. Retrieved January 20, 2009 from

Macrosystem Culture and Social

My macrosystem is a system that include several systems archly embedded so that they affect my well-being, health and development over my entire life. My macrosystem includes sub-cultural or cultural traditions, my moral and legal perspectives, social expectations and ideologies and is a major contributor to the reciprocal way in which I treat others and others treat me. For example, my embedded perceptive about age, class, sex, religion, ethnicity and race determines in manner in which I view myself and others. For instance, embedded views about

race, ethnicity, religion, sex, class, and age may alter the ways individuals and families view

themselves and others. (Berns, 2016, p. 32)

According to the social policy of the United States of America, most disabilities and deaths are linked to particular behavioral features. For example, mortality and morbidity are linked to behavioral characteristics such as diet, use of alcohol, and smoking. Moreover, certain environmental climates may be associated to poverty and other threats of life. Mortality and disabilities in the United States have behavioral linkages. It is also worth noting that even though risks related to specific environment and behavior are amenable to change, they involve a lot of investment in terms of social and human capital. Furthermore, differences in expectancy of life and illness greatly depend on a persons’ behavior and economic status. Therefore, this is a clear indication that my social living greatly impacts my macrosystem. Thus, my macrosystem is a good reminder that health much more than my family and individual behaviors and is affected by environment and social factors. (Imber-Black, 1988)

In conclusion, my life within my community is affected by the quality and availability of service within my locale. For example, people living in the urban centers may have more choice of services available for them compared to me who stays in the rural area. The nature of government in power determines the amount of funds allocated to certain service provision programs. My interaction with macrosystems depends on availability of professionals in my locale, the nature of leadership in power, the start-up funds and community support around me. It is important to note that when I was young, I only interacted with family members. However, with the system expanded to interaction with mesosystem, exosystem and macro system. Therefore, the macrosystem is a combination of several systems.


Berns, R. (2016). Child, family, school, community : socialization and support. Stamford, CT : Cengage Learning.

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