Find Three Sources and Summarize and critique each one in (250 350) words

My selected social problem is : Unemployment in the U.S

Students should locate at least three sources for this assignment. These sources should include:

  • 1) A peer-reviewed article which addresses some aspect of the social problem
  • 2) A credible internet source which addresses some aspect of the social problem.
  • 3) A non-credible internet source which addresses some aspect of the social problem.

Students should briefly (each source write up (summary and critique) should be between 250-350 words).

Do the following:

  • a) Provide a full citation for your source
  • b) Summarize the information the source provides about the social problem.
  • c) Critique the source (does this source seem credible, why or why not?).
  • d) Repeat for the next two sources.


if I were interested in the social problem of drunk driving, I might track down the following sources: A reputable internet source (the Center for Disease Control’s website on Impaired Driving:, a less reputable website (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, as an interested party site:, and a peer-reviewed article (Chi, G., Zhou, X., McClure, T. E., Gilbert, P. A., Cosby, A. G., Zhang, L., … & Levinson, D. (2011). Gasoline prices and their relationship to drunk-driving crashes. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 43(1), 194-203:

I’d offer a summary and critique of each source credibility under its citation.


Writing = 0-4 points

Locating 3 appropriate sources with hyperlinks = 0-3 points

Summarizing sources = 0-3 points

Critique sources = 0-5

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