Fix, Edit and add (Eng 101)

Why do you want attend VCU School of Medicine or GWU School of Medicine? (Answer Limit = 100 words.)

I want to attend GU because it’s my dream school. I even wanted to go for my undergrad but couldn’t and lol don’t know what else to say

Why do you want to be a doctor? (Answer Limit = 200 words)

I think I already told u that when was in pakistan i was 8 years old my brother was 10 years old and my mom was not home he got really sick he was having so much pain and my aunt was with us i called her and we took him to hospital. he was in hospital for 2 weeks and i use to go to see him so i saw how doctor was helping me to recover so since that day i told myself that I want to be doctor . Also I love science especially biology i think it’s interested

12 times new roman Exact word or more limit

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