grant application

Choose one of these two topics (Obesity Prevention and Awareness Campaign or

Smoking Cessation for Teenagers)

and prepare a brief grant application to address the following items in the grading rubric. The topic should be focused on a community and target, for example “Addressing obesity in high school students in the Mid Valley school district”. See detailed information below.

Grant purpose – 1 point (1-2 sentences providing the purpose of the grant)

Grant Background – 1 point (1-2 paragraphs providing context of the grant, community, etc.)

Needs Assessment – 2 points (Demonstrate the need to the grant using statistics, etc. You can tie local, state, and national)

Goals, Objectives, Actions, Timeline – 4 points (2-3 goals which are broad, 3-4 objectives per goal which are measurable, 3-4 actions per objective)

Evaluation – 2 points (Discuss how the objectives and goals will be measured)

Projected Impact – 2 point (Why is this important and what are the future implications)

Budget – 2 points (Basic revenue and expenses associated with the project goals, objectives, actions)

Budget Narrative – 1 point (Detail of how you ended up with the line items in the budget)

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