Healthy Kids Day


In this benchmark assignment, you will be planning a Wellness Fair
for the students and families of your kindergarten class. The Wellness
Fair will incorporate the mini-lesson plans you previously created in
this course. You will also create a digital invitation to the Wellness Fair.

Part 1: Mini-Lessons Rationale

In preparation for the Wellness Fair, review the feedback from your
instructor regarding the health, nutrition, safety, and fitness
mini-lessons you designed throughout the course.

Reflect on the feedback from your instructor including how you would
revise your lessons. In 250-500 words, write a rationale explaining
your instructional decisions, including any revisions, for each
wellness lesson. Make sure to include how those decisions directly
support the characteristics and needs of the “Class Profile” students.

Part 2: Wellness Fair Event Plan

Health, safety, nutrition, and fitness are topics you have been
teaching to your kindergarten students through your mini-lessons;
however, it is also beneficial to educate the families on the same
topics. Therefore, your goal in this section is to design a wellness
fair to educate the families on these topics so they can support their
children at home more successfully.

In order for the fair to be effective, you will need community
support to assist in providing educational booths in the areas of
health, nutrition, safety, and fitness. For this part of the
assignment, you will create a 1,000-1,250 word plan outlining the
wellness fair for your students’ families, including how you will
involve the community. Include the following in your plan:

  • Agenda: Outline the timing for each activity during the event
    in a simple agenda format.
  • Welcome: Briefly describe how
    you will introduce the event to all participants.
  • Opening
    Activity: Plan an opening activity for the families and children
    that will explain the purpose of the wellness event with the
    community and promote shared values and expectations in creating a
    healthy, respectful, and challenging learning environment.
  • Community Resource Booths: Outline four community resource
    booths that will provide information on health, safety, nutrition,
    and fitness (one booth per topic). Include a community resource you
    will invite to represent the topic, 3-4 interesting and important
    statistics relating to the booth’s topic and young children, and a
    50-100 word description of why that topic is important to the
    development of young children. Briefly describe how each booth will
    address the needs of children in the class both with and without
    exceptionalities, based on the “Class Profile.”
  • Closing
    Activity: Plan a closing activity for the families and children that
    employs strategies and opportunities to ensure future collaboration
    with families while pursuing the well-being of students in the areas
    of health, nutrition, safety, and fitness.
  • Rationale: Write
    a 250-500 word rationale explaining how the Wellness Fair supports
    collaboration between faculty, students, families, and the larger
    community. In addition, discuss why this collaboration is vital to
    promoting children’s development and learning, including children
    with exceptionalities.
  • Support your plan with 2-3 scholarly

Part 3: Digital Wellness Fair Invitation

Create a digital invitation to promote the Wellness Fair to
families, colleagues, and the community as well as share information
about the growth of young children in the areas of health, safety,
nutrition, and fitness. The invitation should be concise, visually
appealing for the audience, encourage participation and collaboration,
and include 2-3 resources that support the content.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA
Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Submit all three parts as one submission. Parts 1 and 2 may be
delivered as one Word document.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning
the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin

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