help with a video

Students are to map out their educational careers thus far and see how their life events have led them to the position they are in today. They will then create a Screencastify( it is a tool that you use to record your screen an you) and share their life experiences using images/texts/etc. This activity mimics the Racial Triangulation activity from a few weeks ago.

– I do not know how many pages but i want to create a video with 5 minutes answering the first question that I highlighted.

can you help me answer all these questions with not a lot strong vocabulary since it will be a video. also, I am a latina so you can use that and I will be the first person who is attending college. I was prioritized by my counselors.

– you can also say that in high school I did not suffer of racism for my teachers just for my classmates that they laughed at my accent also I had one government teacher that talks really bad about immigrants and that one time we had a group assignment that we needed to create a video and I create the video and it was one of the best video in our class so she thought it was not mine she she thought my classmates created the video. Even in the university I had some challenges that I faced because of my name I had some problems with my financial aid since they asked extra information for my financial aid that I needed to turn in the same day I almost could not attend this university since they will not help me if I did not upload all those documents.

  1. Think about how your racial storyline has been influenced by the white racial frame and the field of racial positions.
  • Was there a counter-narrative at some point in your life? Did you or someone else bring this up in your life?
  • Did you fall under the stereotypical views society may have of you? Was there a shift at some point in your life where you decided that something has to change? Why?
  • How has this affected your academics? Did you change over time?
  • How were you treated? Were you prioritized by your counselors? Called out of class frequently to make sure you’re on track to go to college?
  • What resources were you given to be college bound? (SAT/ ACT Tutoring, editor for your college applications, college preparation academies, mentoring?)
  • What kind of family do you come from?
  • More things to consider: Low income? Siblings? Are your parents college educated? What career are they pursuing? Are your parents present at home?
  • What did you learn from this? How did your life differ from people in your group?
  • How did you end up in the position you are in today?

readings oakes just page 1-14 and racial storylines everything

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