Hot topic writing


There are 3 categories of Hot topic Assignments, as seen below. Students must PICK 2 (of 3) categories and complete assignment as follows: Double spaced, 2-3 page paper for each. Address information under each topic. They are due at last class on April 27th. They will not be accepted after this time, and grade of 0. You are ENCOURAGED to submit early in semester.

TOPIC #1: Pick Disease/Disorder of interest. Find relevant internet or magazine articles regarding this topic and write a synopsis of how you acquire it, prevent it, notable symptoms, treatment, and prognosis.

TOPIC #2: Pick a Controversial medical subject. Find relevant article of discussion & write synopsis of BOTH sides. Which side do you believe/Why? JUSTIFY your stance.

TOPIC #3: Pick something DANGEROUS with which we have consistent/constant contact or ingest.

Is this substance legal, if so WHY? What can be done to raise awareness of danger in public eye. Find articles that raise such a concern and discuss it.

**Topics are on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis starting 1/20/22. Need to get approval from instructor prior to writing paper. CITE RESOURCES (MLA format)

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