HRM practices

Case Study: HRM Practices

Valley National Bank
Read the case “Human Resource Issues at Valley National Bank.” As a HR consultant, respond to the following questions:

1. What are the human resource issues facing the vice president’s department and under which of the HR domains (e.g. Organizational Design, Staffing, Performance Management an Appraisal) does each issue belong? Identify some strategies for dealing with these issues.

2. Develop a rank-ordered chronological priority list of the first three issues that require attention. Provide justification for your recommendations.

Case Study: International Assignments
Going Global with Marriott Corporation
Read the case “Going Global with Marriott Corporation.” As a HR consultant, answer the following questions:

3. Generate a list of four actions that the organization can take that will directly contribute to their goals regarding making Marriott the international employer of choice in the most efficient manner. Rank order the four actions.

4. Try to think of international opportunities that would be attractive to recent college graduates. What would they be? What does the research suggest about the problems with expatriate attrition, performance and difficulties in repatriation and how would you recommend Marriott approach these challenges?

Case Study: Legal Environment of HR
Zimpfer v. Palm Beach County
Read the case titled “Zimpfer v. Palm Beach County” (Exhibits 3.1.1-3.1.4). Assume the role of the HR director and respond to the following issues:

5. Was Mr. Zimpfer a victim of illegal age discrimination according to the ADEA and case law? Why or why not? You may use other court cases to support your position.

6. What action do you recommend that the county take in this matter?

7. What policies should the county adopt to reduce the possibility of age discrimination suits in the future?

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