i have an assignment and im to answer question 2(written in bold)

HBS Case: Growing the Mamas and Papas brand.

  • To what extent was the Mamas and Papas brand appealing to its customers? Discuss segmentation and positioning.
  • How do economic, competitive and environmental factors impact Mamas and Papas business model?
  • Which determinant attributes did Motlekar use to develop a perceptual map for competing brands in the parenting resource industry?
  • Discuss current brand architecture of Mamas and Papas brand.
  • Was Mamas and Papas positioning strategy effective vs. its competition? Defend your decision using information in case exhibits.
  • Which of the additional opportunities (TV, online, book club) should Motlekar take advantage of to expand her brand? Generate and evaluate multiple ideas/alternatives and formulate reasoned solutions to Moletkar’s problems based on environmental and competitive realities in the SA market.

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