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As we have seen in several pieces so far, cultures are literally colliding with another. Wiginton asserts, “Although [the Green Knight] originally confronts Gawain as an enemy, the two later are able to work together – perhaps a metaphor for the assimilation of British Paganism with the new Christian theology.” Using the epic “Beowulf” and “Gawain and the Green Knight,” note several instances (3-5 examples) in which both pieces collide with a foreign culture (remember to give page numbers and lines if appropriate) only to later come together in unity. What is this metaphor revealing about the rulers and the lower class? Historically, what is happening during this time period especially in terms of using story telling for political gain?

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In Beowulf, both paganism and Christianity play a role in the epic. However, Beowulf seems to be more Christian-like in the way he expressed his thanks for his bravery and protection when emphasizing about God- before and after the battle.

An example would be on page 605 line 610-614,’’ He (Grendel) is unschooled in skills to strike against me, to shatter my shield, though feared for his fierceness. So, I shall bear no blade in the night if he sees fit to fight without weapons. May God in his wisdom grant whom he wills blessing in battle.’’

In paganism view Wyrud” , which is define as fate and freewill is articulated a lot in the Beowulf epic. Wyrud belief in freewill is still the same concept in Christianity ideology. An example of Wyrud in pertaining to freewill would be on page 595 line 170-180 to sum it up briefly- “Beowulf heard about the evils of Grendel mass murdering and decided to sail and put an end to it.” We could think that this has to do with Beowulf’s father debt he owed Hrothgar, but Beowulf still had the free will to fight off Grendel or let Grendel continue his killing spree.Paganism and Christianity in Beowulf tends to share a lot of the same elements- such as good vs evil, discovering one’s destiny and fate, praying to one’s God for protection, along with others as well.

In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in Christian wise- the Christmas gathering in the beginning of the story is one of Christianity most devoted holiday. Even non-Christians partake in Christmas; however, Christmas is a biblical symbolism for the celebration of Christ birth. Even pagans partook in the Christmas spirit. The mistletoe and the Christmas trees were pagans’ traditions, and even today in modern society we use mistletoe and Christmas trees to decorate or enlighten the holiday. The temptation game in the story to get Gawain to sleep with Bertilak Mistress, or to sin against his honor, is similar to a lot of biblical trials where people was tempted or tested and the aftermath led to a learning experience.

The Green knight green clothes represent rebirth and nature, which is paganism views. When Gawain set off to find the Green Chapel, he encounters evil animals he had to fight off, which is also a heroic view in paganism belief, similar to Beowulf. In the paganism and Christianityview, telling the truth is essential, lying is considered a dishonor and a sin.

The metaphors are revealing that the higher class and lower class are sinful no matter how powerful or poor you are. We all need to seek each other for help to learn more about one’s self and stop the prideful act, for we all sin. Beowulf was the perfect warrior, had all the good abilities that no other warrior had, but he sinned in being prideful. Historically, using storytelling for political gain was a way of entertainment, enlightenment, and traditions.

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