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Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including the user login credentials,SSN,credit card numbers. It has been around for more than 20 years. Even though people regularly fall victim to it

In June 2013, security firm Kaspersky Lab estimated that around more than 37 m people had faced phishing attacks around the last one year which includes around 1 million victims in the UK.

Symantec, estimates says that phishing accounted for 392 emails in a single day for one

Phishing is mainly about convincing you to reveal the information that could help attackers steal your money,sensitive information or install malware on your computer system, And also hacking your credit cards / bank account passwords others.

It works by pretending communications from companies that you trust such as banks, online payment firms like PayPal, social networks, and other technology companies, as well as government offices (such as tax authorities). According to Symantec, 71% of phishing attacks in the year 2013 were related to financial companies(organizations)

A lot of phishing attacks are fended off without you ever seeing them, with the spam filters being used by the company organizations as well as by the email service providers. But for those attacks which make it through to your inbox, there are some tips to ensure you don’t fall victim to such things.

No one wants to fall victim to a phishing scam, there are many successful enough for criminals to make massive profits. there are many ways to avoid becoming a victim from the attacks. Below are the 10 basic guidelines in keeping safe from the attacks:

1. Keep updated about phishing techniques.

2. Think before you click any links.

3. Install an anti-phishing toolbar

4. verify a site’s security

5. Check Your Online Accounts Regularly and change the passwords.

6. Keep Your Browser Up to Date

7. Use Firewalls.

8. Be Wary of Pop-Ups.

9. Never Give Out Personal Information anywhere.

10. Use Updated Antivirus Software

Every Organization should follow some various security measures in order to protect its sensitive data information for example

1. Company should train every individual employee while they join the company by providing some training guidelines to not disclose the company’s private information in case if there is any phishing attacks until the caller is identified. In the given situation is clear that the company organization is not expecting any phone calls from any of it’s computer vendor. So any person who is taking the call need to recheck about the caller and need to reach out his manager or supervisor before speaking any information related to the organization’s infrastructure.

2. Moreover, company needs to implement some access related limitations to all the employees and not every employee should be granted all the access to the company / organization’s information.

3. In order to avoid any security related threats such as calls and emails the company should have a strong firewall to filter suspicious emails from the attackers with unknown email id’s and divide them as spam emails and need to bring an awareness within the organization and employees on how to respond to these kinds of threats and the security team should monitor the companies email information’s regularly and address the issues whenever there is a need to be and protect the company from the phishing attack

4. Employees must delete any sensitive documents which may contain data information about any individuals or company before disposing them into recycle bin.




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