Josefa de Obidos


1, Please write a “Response Paper” of 250-500 words in length that discusses two or three different paintings by Josefa de Óbidos. You may select images reproduced from the PowerPoint created. Select two or three images and discuss them in terms of the ideas and analyses presented in the assigned readings and/or respective catalog entries. This is intended as an exercise in describing the paintings and using visual evidence to support your interpretations of them.


1. Discuss the different kinds of scholarly approaches and ways of thinking about the paintings by Josefa de Obidos presented in the essays by Hatherly and by von Barghahn. How do they characterize Josefa as an artist and how do they analyze her paintings?

2. Discuss some of the elements of Josefa’s paintings, as well as the articles you read on them, that you find most appealing or interesting. You may discuss the role of ideas and the intellect in Josefa’s art; the range of visual and textual sources for her painting; the subjects and genres to which she often returned (still lifes, Slavator Mundi, Anges Dei, Holy Family, etc.); the style and compositions she employs to represent these subjects; the audiences for and purposes of her images; and the significance of the fact that she was a woman artist in seventeenth-century Portugal.

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