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Students will prepare a library-assisted research report on an organization that they would like to work for post-graduation. In your own words, please include:

Background: (no more than one-third of paper)

  • A brief history of the organization
  • Its mission, products, services
  • Basic information, such as its market share, competitive position, employee mix (please include at least two “visuals”)
  • The key challenges that the organization faces and how it plans to meet those challenges
  • Your sense of the organization’s values and “culture,” indicating the basis for your analysis (use the questions and material in our textbook in your analysis)
  • If relevant, what makes this organization successful—or even outstanding—in its field (in your view)
  • Why you initially chose this organization
  • Whether, after having completed your research, you still think it is an organization that you would like to work for when you graduate (please explain your reasons)
  • Identify five key questions that you would ask the head of Human Resources in this organization, if you were fortunate enough to land an interview with their HR Department

Analysis: (a least two-thirds of the research paper)

The report should be five to six pages of text and must include illustrations, charts, etc., as necessary.

A “References” page with at least five sources must be included. All quotations, etc., must be properly referenced. Papers without in-text citations or a “References” page will not be marked.

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