marketing case discussion

Please read the case and go back to the lecture, book and other research to answer the questions associated with the case. References needed. The answer must be original. Thanks.

(I uploaded some documents you may need to apply in the assignment.PLEASE add one or two references from other book, not only this textbook)

Service Marketing Case: Changing Industries, More than a Job Change?

Cody Michaels has been working as a marketing manager in a car dealership. Cody has been quite successful. He started in the dealership as an intern while getting his marketing degree at UNA. As an intern, he learned about selling and working on sales promotions. Upon graduation, he took as sales job has been top salesmen for 6 of the last 8 months. His boss has asked him to become Sales Manager.

He really likes sales work but his passion is to work in sports marketing. Since he has started in the dealership, he has been applying for jobs in sports marketing at the University of Alabama. So, in that same week that his boss offered him the sales manager position, he has an interview at the University of Alabama. The job at the University of Alabama would be in marketing services. He would be in charge of alumni sports sales promotions. Some sales would be for season tickets but other promotions would involve alumni homecoming activities.

Cody is now faced with a major decision. Should he stay or should he go?

He knows that he would be successful with sales manager role. However, he is also aware that a change in the economy can bring major changes to auto demand. He also believes that he would be very motivated toward a career in sports marketing. He is also not sure how to prepare for the interview at the University of Alabama. He is also uncertain regarding how well his skills will transfer between the two jobs.


1.How would Cody answer interview questions regarding the major differences between selling an automobile compared to selling season tickets?

2.What are the major differences associated with marketing sports?

3.How would Cody conduct a study to determine the quality of services offered by the University of Alabama?

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