National Provider Identification

Discuss the significance as well as the process of obtaining both a National Provider Identification (NPI) Number and a DEA Number.

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References 3-5 less than 5 years old

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An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) needs to obtain both a National Provider Identification (NPI) number and a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number prior to beginning to care for patients. An NPI number is a ten-digit number that anyone classified as a covered entity for providing care must list on form through which reimbursement for care provided is being requested. This requisite is a component of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and has been in place since 2005. In order to obtain and NPI, each provider must apply for an identifier at for Your National Provider Identifier, 2017).

To be able to prescribe controlled substances, all providers must obtain a DEA number. What schedule a provider is able to independently prescribe is determined at the state level. Schedule I drugs are not used medicinally and have a high potential for abuse. Schedule II drugs are used medicinally and have a high potential for abuse. Schedule III, IV, and V drugs are used medicinally and have lesser but existent potential for abuse (Midlevel Authorization by State, 2017). An application can be ordered online at to Order a DEA number, 2017).

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