Need essay for MFT Class 10 pages including cover page and references! APA style!

Writing Assignment : 100 Points
Due Date: Wednesday June 27, 2018 by 11:59 PM

Please select from one of the following topics:

  1. Understanding the impact of technology on relationships and infidelity.
  2. What does culture have to do with a successful relationship? (this is a broad category, feel free to expand BUT be mindful to tie it to relationships, couples and couple functioning).
  3. What is the difference, if any between trust and emotional safety, and what or how do they impact relationships?

Regardless of your approach please use relevant resources (all within the last 5-6 years) to make your points.

Please do not use the text as the structure for your paper and quote or reference it extensively. Use the text to inform you and then use other resources to write your paper.

Your paper should include:

• Factual research not simply subjective opinion. Use peer reviewed materials, journal articles, text to back up your opinions and points.

• This is not a personal experience paper. Do not use actual people or stories to demonstrate a point.

Paper requirements:

The writing assignment is expected to be of high quality, including well-thought out ideas, clear expression of these ideas, and correct grammar and spelling.

Grading will take the following into consideration:

  • ▪ Format: Writing Assignments must be typed double-spaced/ 12pt font, timesnew roman, 1” margins)
  • ▪ A minimum of seven peer reviewed reference materials other than the class texts are to be cited within the paper and referenced at the end of the paper. Please include a title page with running head. Please note that the

materials are to be either published peer reviewed journals or academic books or published works. Reference articles should be published within the last 5-8 years. Blogs, web pages and assorted internet are not acceptable.

APA Style is expected: Correct citations and references. For assistance with proper citations and referencing: 560/02/

The length for each writing assignment is 8-10 pages Total ( including Title/ Cover Page and references).Research and Academic Papers

General Academic Writing Paper Points to Consider

Unless you are doing an academic review or a literature review you do not need to put “the study…” in or mention ahead the study that you are going to use. You would use the study/article to back up your facts or stated opinion by putting a citation at the end of the sentence or paragraph.

When in doubt use more citations. If you do not put a citation at the end of the sentence or fact it is opinion. This changes the tone of your paper considerably if you only use a few citations to make your points. It goes from an academic paper to one of opinions.

Tying into the above. Do not use an entire paragraph of facts and then one citation at the end. The reader is left to guess if one or all the facts are backed by that study. Think in essence of what the citation is for, it is for the reader to dive deeper and find the information that you are presenting to further their own understanding. If you don’t guide them where to look they won’t be able to find what you are discussing.

Be careful when stating a fact with a study that has a very low sample size. Think that the sample size is meant to reflect an extrapolation of the data to the population at large. You can use it imply, seems like, possibly direct to…however to say that a small number is a direct reflection of the whole is a stretch.

In essence you decide on your hypothesis. Allow the facts, statements and options to gently unfold in a cohesive pattern of thought. Use the articles to cite as you go along to make the paper factual and research based. Think of the citations as “proof” of the point you are making. When you don’t start out with a solid thesis point the paper reads like a small summary of the different research that you found. Makes it difficult to follow and read what the general point of your paper is.

Avoid the use of I, we, and You. Do not address the reader and do not imply that the reader has experienced what you are writing about, this is done when you state, “you”.


  • Watch for complex sentences. If it was difficult for you to write and understand, it will be difficult for your reader to understand.
  • Do not share personal stories with academic papers. It is similar to the sample size point, however now you are simply share one person stories that can’t be extrapolated to the population.
  • Everything you are looking for with regards to how to reference at the end of your paper is found with the Purdue:OWL link in the syllabus. If you haven’t attempted this you will receive novice for referencing and citation.

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