project 2

ISM 3011 Group Project 2

As a group select an article written in 2017 or 2018 on a new technology (excluded topics: games, tablets, cell phones). Then as a group, you will need to prepare a ten slide proofread PowerPoint presentation by summarizing the new technology, explaining how this technology works, describing the advantages and disadvantages, stating the cost, and by also explaining why it is a useful technological invention. The slide before the references needs to contain a copy of the written article (not just the link to the article). Your group will need to cite a minimum of two sources when formulating your presentation. Please ensure that your first slide contains the title of your presentation, all your group members’ names, the name of your professor, the semester and the date. The last slide should just include your references and nothing else. In order to receive credit for this assignment, every student is required to upload a PowerPoint file by the deadline (even though it is a group project). Good luck

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