Proposal for Final project

You will need to identify your final project company, product, foreign market, etc.

Example1: Country: United States Company: Nabisco Company Product: Honey Maid Honey Grahams Foreign Market: Europe

I am interested in researching this product, because most people can think of one childhood memory that involved a Honey Maid Honey Grahams. Whether it was making a s’mores on a campfire night or crushing them into tiny pieces for a piecrust, Honey Maid Honey Grahams play a role in children’s life experiences. It is interesting to think that Europeans have not had those experiences that many people can bond over. I plan on using articles, websites and personal information for my research.

Example 2: For my final project: The company I chose is Brita, which is a Germany based company. Although it is frequently used in the United States. The company product(s) are the water purifying products. The foreign market that i am interested in researching would be a combination of the Untied States and Puerto Rico. i am interested in this company because during this time where many hurricanes, and tropical storms have hit different places in the world, I feel this product line would be important and relevant as different parts of the world are in need or basic necessities that need to be safe for these people. I plan to go about my research with articles(news articles) and research based on the internet.

Example 3: Country: United states Company Name: Medtronic Company Product: Diabetes management system called the MiniMed 670G. My foreign market will be Singapore.

I am interested in this product because my dad and my grandparents have diabetes and my grandparents are on insulin. My brothers also play baseball with a friend who has juvenile diabetes. He has a port for his insulin and his diabetes has to be monitored consistently. I am going to research to see if this product will be beneficial for young adults like him. Also, how a product like this can be used in a foreign country like Singapore. I plan to go about my research by using articles, journals, and websites.

Final project identification basis is of:
Your final project consists of pages of content explaining the strategy a real company might use to expand its operations or products into new, foreign market outside the company’s home country.

Select one European, Asia-Pacific, or United States company for a thorough investigation. You will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the company’s current strategic position and develop a strategic plan for expanding the company and/or a company’s product into a new, foreign market outside the company’s home country. The company and/or the identified product cannot already be present in the foreign market. You success in this assignment rests in your ability to research and the availability of company information.

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