Quantitative research paper – intense proof reading required

Political Science 490: Final Paper Guidelines

Each student will write a research paper that presents an original empirical piece of quantitative research based on the analysis of secondary data. The paper must follow the format of a political science journal article and should include the following sections:

1) an introduction that briefly introduces the literature and describes the research question and contribution of the research;

2) a description of the data, measures, and methods of analysis;

3) a presentation and interpretation of findings; and

4) a discussion of the implications of the findings in relation to theory, prior research, and/or policy. You will also be expected to discuss any data handling or estimation problems you encounter and to present all results in a professional manner.

Remember, the goal of the paper is to demonstrate your ability to formulate a research hypothesis/ question, and apply the appropriate statistical techniques to test this hypothesis/ answer this question. Your final paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, double spaced.

P.S . I will attach a paper I ordered from a different website, they have not done it as well as i hoped they would. So you would be looking at the paper and make sure that all sources were used accurately and that before any source was used to make a point in was first introduced by mentioning their name or their article. it should be ending with a in text citation as well … I want you to check the content and make sure it makes sense and more statistics are provided with the claims that are being made…

there phrases in the paper saying ” It is clear that there are problems faced by transgender inmates that are not faced by cisgender inmates in American jails and prisons.”

how is it clear… you cant make statements like that without supporting it with statistics or using sources.

another thing: the data used might not be so useful in the sense i was supposed to use different data websites to get the numbers and then draw my own conclusion. I asked the writer to change the question accordingly if data was not found because it is true not enough data exists about what happens to transgender community after they are released. So i think the writer did a comparison with the cisgender community. He did not format the paper right either so please format is according to USA college level requirements.

If the research question needs to be changed please do accordingly ….

The paper requires froofreading but more importantly for its content…

More than half of the work is done so you are make sure it is done accurately and change antyhting that needs to be changed

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