Recognizing Organizational Learning Disabilities, management homework help

Recognizing Organizational Learning Disabilities

In Chapter 2 of your Senge text, the author identified a variety of learning disabilities that may be found in a learning organization. These disabilities are practices within an organization that continually have negative results, yet are still perpetuated due to failure to recognize the disruptive nature of the practice. For instance, Senge reveals the undesirable effects of an individual failing to realize his or her purpose as part of a larger entity.

Consider an organization (or system) with which you are familiar and identify one of the learning disabilities that may be preventing organizational growth toward the desired future state.

Try to view the organization as if you are a dispassionate observer.

Think of an example of how the learning disability is evident within the organization.

Note: You do not need to directly answer these points in your Discussion post as they serve only to begin your thinking process; however, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Regarded as an innovative environmental scientist, Meadows’ work has provided insight into systems thinking and sustainability on the personal, local, organizational, and global level. For this Discussion, consider this statement:

“The behavior of a system cannot be known just by knowing the elements of which the system is made,” (Meadows, 2008, p. 7).

Now answer the following:

  • How does this statement apply to learning disabilities within a system?
  • Give an example of how a learning disability has affected the elements of a system with which you have been associated.
  • Why might it be difficult for individuals who are working within an organization with a “learning disability” to recognize what is happening? How can you assure that you are not ignoring behavior (your own or others) that is causing a disruption of the system?


Meadows, D. (2008). Thinking in systems. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing.

Senge, P. (2006). The fifth discipline: The art & practice of the learning organization. New York: Doubleday

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