Reflection Writing

You will write an essay that explores the idea of learning styles. The essay will address these questions:

  • According to the learning style assessment, what is my learning style and what are some of the study strategies on the list that correlate with this learning style?
  • Although the idea of learning styles has been debunked by science, is the concept still helpful in selecting my study strategies? Why or why not?
  • After reviewing the list of learning strategies, which two strategies, from either the list that corresponds to your learning style or from a list for another learning style, should I incorporate into my studying? Why and how would you use these strategies? How does using these two strategies match the proven science of how people learn?

The essay will be about 600 words. It should be submitted to the Module Two dropbox. Here is how your grade will be determined:

Grading Rubric:

Did you address your learning style and the study strategies that will work based on this learning style?

4 points

Did you describe whether the concept of learning styles could be helpful in selecting study strategies?

5 points

Did you describe two new strategies that you might incorporate into your studying and how those strategies match the science of how people learn?

6 points

Other considerations that will be reflected in overall grade:
Was your writing free of grammatical and stylistic errors?

15 points

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