Research Project Outline and Paper

I need help writing a research project for my fire prevention class. This will be two separate papers, one being an outline and the other being the final research paper. The historical event i selected was the The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 so this will need to be the topic of the research paper and outline.I have copied the requirements below. Let me know if you have any questions =)


Research Project

Project Description

Each student will perform a research project relating to a code or inspection failure which led to a change in either the codes surrounding the project or the inspection process. There is no requirement that the topic be specifically related to fire or egress codes. Topics to explore can include, but are not limited to, major fires, structural failures (both during and post construction), and others as approved by the instructor.

Proposed sections of paper

Title Page

Table of Contents


Event History


Impact on Codes/Processes

Impact on Today’s Codes/Processes


Works Cited

Specific Paper Requirements

Note that there is no requirement to use all of the above sections. There is also no minimum requirement on the number of pages. There is a maximum of 20 pages. All papers are to be typed in 12 pt, double spaced, Arial font (standard margins).

APA formatting should be used for all citations and the general paper format. You are required to utilize a minimum of 5 sources for the project.

Research Phases Outline

Outline (25 Points) – Due Sunday of Week 3 by 10 PM

A formal outline must be submitted by Sunday of Week 3 before 10 PM. The outline should include the theme as well as a methodical outline of the proposed topics and layout of the paper. Outlines should not be more than one page in length.

Final Paper (100 Points) – Due Sunday of Week 7 by 10 PM

Final papers are due before 10 PM on Sunday of week 7.

****The number of pages i submitted with the post is just my suggestion as long as all the requirements above are meet I’m not worried about the page count.*****

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