responding to a paragraph Reflections

these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

the first one :

In chapter 10 the stereotype of Asian Americans has discussed. The Asian and the American had been a comprehensive term since from the history. In the United States, the Chinese Americans are the largest group of Asian American, this is the reason most of the stereotypes Asian Americans interpreted as the Chinese. Moreover, in reality, Asian American includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indians but at that time the races of Cambodians, Thai, Samoans, and Laotians were neglected. Basically, chapter 10 is based on the Japanese Americans. Moreover, chapter 10 focuses on the history of Japanese migration to the state. From the 1800’s the Japanese Americans has faced the stereotypes and still, they face. The Japanese Americans were portrayed as the corrupt, devious, gooks and evil. Today the Asian Americans are known with the name of “Japs” and “chink”. Chink means to go back to your country. From the history, African and Asian Americans have faced the stereotypes and racial inequality because of their race, color, language, and religion. Moreover, the racism for the African and Asian Americans has been increasing for many years. In the 18th and the 19th-century discrimination was the common practice as it was compulsory to discriminate the people on their race, language, culture, and color.

The Second one :

A few things stood out to me while reading this chapter, but the most interesting being the Model Minority stereotype. I’ve always thought that Asian Americans, but I guess specifically Japanese Americans as the book states, were always the more successful of the minority groups because of the family values and cultural values that they have. Now after reading that it has been a made up image created by whites, it makes total sense and I can’t believe that I digested that idea and was naive to believe it. I mean of course each family and each minority group have their own hierarchy of which values are more important to another, but I am pretty surprised that even something like this is again, just another way to get immigrants and citizens of different ethnicity’s to fully assimilate to the white culture. It’s all propaganda and I believed it. But this is also funny to me in that if the whites see Japanese Americans as highly as they do in terms of being the model minority and most assimilated group in the U.S., when it comes to Hollywood, why do they continue to cast white actors to play Asian American roles? On page 297, Feagin states, “Apparently, Hollywood producers often feel white audiences cannot relate to movies with several Asian American actors in lead roles.” To me, this is ironic since, in reality, the white population thinks otherwise due to their assimilation and being the model minority. So it’s interesting to me that Hollywood continues to create these limitations of how far we, as a society and as viewers, can accept and not accept the positive images of all of these different races in order to keep the white race superior. In other words, no race can be seen as greater than the white race so there will always be boundaries to keep other races from reaching those heights. This has become a pattern as we continue to read each chapter, but it doesn’t surprise me.

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