scene practice

Scene Practice Exercise

Step 1: Choose a memory ( as a women)

Think back to a memory from your past. It will help if it is a vivid memory and you can recall lots of details. It should also be a memory that includes other people who are interacting and talking.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Brainstorm as many details as you can remember. Consider the following:

What time of day did the event occur?

What was the weather like?

Was it inside or outside?

Inside? Describe the décor and type of building (carpet, wall color, floor, pictures, furniture, windows, etc.)

Outside? What plants or animals were nearby? Streets, cars, buildings? Architectural styles, water of any kind nearby? Etc.

What could you hear?

What could you smell?

Did you taste anything?

What did things feel like (not emotional feeling, but literal touch — the rough brown grass at the end of the gas station parking lot, the smooth marble steps of the courthouse, the rough bark of a tree, the light breeze, the stifling heat or freezing cold, the dampness, the dryness, etc.)

What were people doing? Describe their movements?

What were people saying? What was their tone like (angry, hushed, conversational, lively, etc.)

And so on….

Step 3: Write a Scene

Your scene can be past tense or present tense. Because you are writing about the past, it might make more sense to use past tense, but it’s ultimately up to you.

Requirements: Be sure that your scene contains action, moves through time, contains dialogue, and has descriptions that use each of the five senses (taste, smell, touch, sound, sight).

Some notes on dialogue:

If necessary, feel free to invent dialogue that is as close to what you think people said as possible. As long as you are true to what people said, it is okay to take some liberties with the specific words.

Every time a new character speaks, you should start a new paragraph.


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