Second Draft of the Final Project

you will prepare your final project’s second draft, which will include the Proposal and Communication Plan sections.

Please read this feedback that I got from my instructor, and incorporate the feedback when doing this assignment. The full assignment is in the attachment below. PLEASE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Here is the feedback from my instructor::::: Your first milestone needs improvement in a number of areas. The document was not submitted nor read like a research paper. The scenario data provided requires you to pick a discipline like corrections and then describe a fictional agency based on the data. Using the data come up with a hypothesis. Also, using the data provided for a problem solving model to expand on the theory, strategy, communications. Identity what reference material you will use for the research. Your title page is not formatted to APA. You did not use any subheadings based on the major areas of the rubric. Please review the announcements and the sample papers provided. This will need to be edited for the final project.

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