See below history questions

1. Directions: Respond to the questions below. Your response must be a minimum of 450 words and both assert a position and address the questions posed.

Based on what you know about community, determine if the efforts to form communities in the British North American Colonies in the seventeenth century were justified. Discuss in your response if the Mayflower Compact and Bacon’s Rebellion, precursors to a much later fight for independence, reflected a desire for community among the early British settlers in North America. Describe how these events fit the Saint Leo core value.

2. Directions:Respond to the questions below. Your response must be a minimum of 450 words and both assert a position and address the question posed.

  • Explain what Alexander Hamilton wanted to achieve through his policies as Secretary of the Treasury.
  • View the assigned videos, and describe in your journal response what you learned about Hamilton and what he sought.
  • Discuss how Jefferson’s image of a nation of yeomen farmers where everyone owned some small part of America differed from Hamilton’s vision of a nation that would one day incorporate industrial development.
  • Consider which of the two better fits current-day America.
  • Does Jefferson’s vision of a nation where much of the wealth is in the hands of a few but everyone owns something sound like the current notion of the “American Dream?”
  • Does Hamilton’s vision (where many do not own their own home, and government acts to promote the growth of business and protects the working class through regulations) seem more like the U.S. today?
  • How would Hamilton, who wanted a government that would support the growth of the business and manufacturing sector of the economy and assure all of a fair and equitable distribution of wealth (equitable does not mean equal) through taxation, describe the nature of the American community today?
  • Are people who own their own homes today the same as Jefferson’s yeomen farmers?
  • Are those that own “a piece of America” more committed to the well-being of the country?

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