Special Project

Special Project Paper #2: (300 Points) This papers must be in Word document format, APA 6th ed. The paper must be a TOTAL of six (6) pages minimum according to APA standards. Papers will be evaluated according to grammar, syntax, organization, and APA format. Professor’s proof reading and corrections are very costly to the grades, especially correcting the same mistake(s) repeatedly. Your Chief of Police has asked you to provide an updated report on a Policing Issue you select and GET APPROVED by the professor. You are to select a major policing issue in the United States such as but not limited to Tasers, Use of Force, Under Funded Program, Training, Poor Police Wages, Corruption…etc. You will need to get this report into place to present to the Chief of Police. The report should outline what the issue is and all about the topic. You need to include what you have discovered and any recommendations you have to the Chief about this nation wide issue. The report should be no longer than 6 pages include a title page and reference page. (Remember this report is going to your Chief of Police so make sure you have everything covered for this report) Each research paper must have four (4) developed Scholarly Peer Reviewed source outside the video (Only online CSU library or government websites can be used such as Proquest or Ebscohost). Wikipedia, encyclopedia, and blogs are NOT acceptable as sources in academic writings. All research papers must conform to the America Psychological Association (APA) format. For additional information on this formatting please refer to http://www.apastyle.org.

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