The Argumentative Essay

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For Writing Project 3, you will write an argumentative essay addressing the topic of social inequality in the United
States, and what needs to change in order to create a less divisive society.
Successful academic inquiry depends upon understanding the many facets of the conversation you are entering,
as well as locating reliable sources to represent various points of view. Thus, you will need to pursue BOTH
internet (popular) and library (academic) research – not only in order to be equipped to enter one of the many ongoing
academic debates on the politics of contemporary American social tensions, but also to be able to pose
viable and convincing insight.
In order to organize your ideas, you may choose to explore several facets of social disparity or discrimination, such
as differences in rates of hiring/pay scale between groups, varying incarceration statistics, media portrayals of
different groups, or documented instances of profiling against social groups. You should plan on using our
classroom approach to analyzing rhetoric in different genres as a model for your exploration of a group-specific
inequality of your choosing. You should also feel free to focus on issues related to your personal experiences or
future profession and/or take up the research methods of something that you are interested in.

• Contains clear, well-crafted, and grammatically correct sentences
• Clear evidence of close reading of at least three carefully chosen sources
• Begins with a strong introduction that includes a clearly discernible thesis
• Supports claim with well-reasoned and properly documented evidence
• Anticipates opposing arguments and defends position throughout
• Includes a thought-provoking conclusion.

PART 1 – The Proposal: This writing project will start with you crafting a two-page proposal, which is an
explanation of how your position relates to other positions. The main objective of the proposal will be explaining
your choice of social discourse analysis (the issue you have chosen and the rationale for choosing it), as well as
briefly outlining the aspects of American social structures that you’ll focus on and what these might tell us about
the future of equality in this country (in other words, tell me why your issue is/will continue to be relevant and
how it might continue to influence equality in the US). Finally, you will provide an annotated bibliography that
includes short summaries of THREE written resources related to your chosen topic (at least one must be

PART 2 – The Argumentative Essay: Next you will create the essay in which you explore the elements
outlined in your proposal in detail through examples, analysis of rhetorical contexts (the problems/issues
surrounding your topic), and analysis of public discourse (what people are already saying about your topic).
Your essay itself will be a response to the positions of others. You should dedicate significant time to explaining the
positions of others and to demonstrating the validity of your own contribution to the conversation. Your
argumentative essay should be 6-7 pages, double-spaced, properly formatted, typed in no larger than 12-
point font (Times New Roman), with one-inch margins. I will be looking for in-text citations and a works
cited page even in your first draft. You are required to utilize at least three sources — one of which must be
academic — documented in MLA format.

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