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This is your first reading reflection post. Before answering the following questions in an original composition, please read the Discussion Board Rubric. That can be found either in the Getting Start module or course files.

Your original post should be completed by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5th. You must also respond to at least two posts by your classmates.


  • First read the assigned readings and watch the Missy Elliott video that are listed on the syllabus for Week 1, Day 1.

Missy Elliott – WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams [Official Video] video… reading

  • Look at the PowerPoint presentation, “Afrofuturism and Black Science Fictions” in the Week 1 module
  • i attached it
  • Then, write a sustained composition that demonstrates how closely you read and engaged with these materials. Incorporate specific examples that demonstrate you have read the materials. Include quotations from the essays.
  • Your post should be 300 to 500 words long.
  • Make sure that you respond in a thoughtful manner to at least two original posts by your classmates.
  • respond to these two people’s posts that i attached in a word doc,

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Use the following criteria to help you craft your response:

In addition to topics of your own design, you can use the options below to guide your writing and thinking (you can also use these frameworks for the directed threads as well):

Working through Confusion

Share a passage from the week’s reading that confuses you in some way. Describe why you are confused by the passage, and offer a tentative interpretation of what causes you the problems. Extra engagement can be demonstrated by responding to each other and working through confusion collaboratively.

Structure and Meaning

Offer your observation of some particularly striking, strange, or significant surface feature(s) of one of our texts, and explain how that feature(s) contributes to or drives the meaning of the text in that passage or overall.

Offering an Interpretation

Contrive some kind of interpretive statement about a text from the week’s reading and support with an explanation of relevant and strong textual evidence.

Criticizing a Perspective

In all of our texts, you will encounter characters, groups, and authors who seem to be communicating particular perspectives on the world. Describe whether you agree or disagree with this perspective, and what about the text drives your agreement or proves problematic for the perspective you discuss.

Do not copy and pastedo not palagarise just respond

Student 1

Afrofuturism is currently making a comeback and continuously becoming a major movement and form of art in the world today. Significantly, this genre has become a major tool for the black community not only to express themselves but also advocate for their freedom socially, culturally and politically. It is also becoming a major lens through which other cultures understand the black community in a way that overrides common stereotypes of the black community. It is important to note that this genre is important not as a reaction or response to minimal or the absence of representation of the black people, but as a tool for freedom and empowerment of the black community.

Afrofuturism is not only concerned with reclaiming the past but also reclaiming the history of the future of African-Americans and other minorities. “Afrofuturism’s epic imagery offers youth a mirror.” African-American children are now able to visualize themselves in surroundings that are extensive and all-reaching. It has enabled young black and brown children to imagine themselves as the heroic sci-fi characters playing heroic roles in films such as the “Star Wars.

The advancement of the Internet has also played a major role in empowering Afrofuturism. For instance, I am currently able to access various magnificent Afrofuturism art through my Instagram and Twitter from various accounts instantly. I can read the stories of these artists directly, and this offers great authenticity to their stories. This is opposed to the past where their stories were told by others. As a result, ““The Internet democratized the playing field.”

I was extremely fascinated by Missy Elliott’s “WTF (Where They From).” The video is an outstanding Afrofuturism art. I noted that the video is a futuristic up-tempo number that integrates a drum line rescue trend as well as a dynamic blend of street culture and futuristic imagery. In summary, I fully believe and agree that Afrofuturism is a major movement or force for freedom and empowerment of the black community and other marginalized minorities.

Student 2

Afrofuturism is an undoubtedly fast-rising art in the modern day. Afrofuturism has grown in popular culture enabled by the advancement in technology. Afrofuturism as an art has become common within social media such as Instagram and Twitter, television and also YouTube. For instance, recently I observed this form of art featured in the transfixing online advert for Apple AirPods that features “Down” by the artist Marian Hill and played by Lil Buck. In the advert, Lil Buck starts his footwork on the streets, however quickly gets into the air. He flies along imaginary walls and sound waves. The commercial depicts a universe where Blackness hovers unchained of the limitations and ferocity that has recently been the case for the African-American community in the United States.

However, it is important to note that Afrofuturism is more than just art in our society today. This genre provides a form in the current to black visualizations of the future and attempts to reconstruct an un-redressed history. Similarly, this art is also a political expression. This genre offers freedom to blacks and empowers them. This genre is “a visual metaphor for empowerment” and according to the writer, Ms. Womack, a platform for small brown kids to imagine the world where they are heroic and unstoppable. , it permits black men and women to take charge of their image.

In addition, technology has played a major role in empowering Afrofuturism in the present day. Technology, through digital platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube has enabled various artists to express themselves authentically and tell their stories in a manner that has never been achieved. According to Ms. Womack, the internet has offered the movement a powerful tool to express themselves exclusively and that “it permits black men and women to take charge of their image.” Similarly, this movement has also been empowered by key artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé through their music videos.

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