Watch video and listen to audio writing an essay

Reflection paper assignment requirements

Under no circumstances will late submissions be accepted—no excuses or explanation will be welcomed.

Total points: 100

Points to consider:

  • You will not be able to adequately respond to the following questions if you have not read the text-book/article readings, listened to audio/s, and watched videos that have been assigned for the week that the reflection papers are due (depending on the week, a combination of all or some of the listed methods of delivery will vary).
  • This is a difficult assignment and a close and careful reading of the ideas are necessary. So take your time and read and re-read the views of the thinkers mentioned here that are difficult to understand.
  • Your response to the questions will reveal the amount of time, effort and reflection you have put into this assignment.
  • The amount of time, effort and reflection that you have spent on this assignment will give a certain value to your writing. In other words, you and you alone will determine what your grade for this assignment will be.
  • Write this essay for yourself to gain a better understanding of who and what you are and the social environment in which you live and the ways it impacts and influences you. .
  • Do not write this paper for the instructor or for a grade: it will be a waste of your time writing it and a waste of the instructor’s time reading it.
  • These questions have haunted humanity for millennia and do not have easy answers.
  • Create your own answers with the tools that you have been given by life and this class.
  • Remember unreflective and superficial responses will seriously jeopardize your passing of this class.

Note on writing the Bi- weekly journal/s

  • Be mindful that the posted materials on Canvas cover a lot of philosophical and religious territories.
  • They have been laboriously created and protected by the peoples of each land for hundreds, if not, thousands of years.
  • They are profound and dense and have for thousands of years been a GPS to life, or a map towards living perhaps a more meaningful life.
  • Though they do not fetch much respect in the modern world, they still deserve your careful study and understanding their world view.


  • Stay away from rushed and superficial responses.
  • Stay away from book reporting or copying and pasting.
  • Make sure your responses have depth and substance.
  • Make your responses are engaging and creative.
  • Make sure that you demonstrate the practicality of these ideas by inserting them into your own daily life and life experiences.
  • To better understand these ideas, provide examples from your life within the context of the subject materials

Note on how to improve your writing

Your writing is an expression of your thinking. Thinking can either be reactive or reflective. Reactive thinking is rooted what your social environment has given you. What you have received from your environment is important as they are necessary tools that help navigate through the various complexities of life. However, such thinking is simply parroting back ideas given to you by your environment with little to no understanding. This will ultimately lead to forming many assumed and biased-laden ideas about yourself, others and the world in general. This is Plagiarized Thinking and the tragic fate of many adults- professional and otherwise.

Reflective thinking is the outcome your own struggle to truly want to understand the grand puzzle or pieces of the grand puzzle called Life. . This form of thinking contains depth, substance and intense emotions. In the world of philosophy it is called: Wisdom—a gift from the gods. It is the outcome of an Examined Life.

Reflection is an outcome of quietly examining and observing an idea or a set of ideas, or an experience. To do this, you must first become interested in such a task which is an enormously difficult journey as it demands detached observation that could lead to a relative objectivity. This you do not because you want to improve your grade, but simply because you wish to refine your thinking process, your reflective abilities, and the manner you observe the world around you. And, ultimately, because you wish to understand and refine yourself, your life and experiences that life will gift you. This requires much time and patience– about ten-to-fifteen years of serious and honest study and practice. Once you have mastered the art of thinking, your writing will then slowly but gradually improve.

This is your story, your maze and your perplexity! This assignment allows you a glimpse into your own flaws as well as perfections. Take it seriously and, at the same time, have lots of fun with it. It is, after all, about you, your thoughts and your emotions. I hope you have enough interest in yourself to explore and discover your own thoughts and emotions. You are to answer all of the questions.

As always remember that language is the art of persuasion. So your task is to convince me that you understand the materials and are able to convey whatever your position may be regarding the tales and or the prompts.

Respond to each question and sub-question separately. Make sure to first write out the question (copy/paste) so that the instructor can clearly know to which question you are responding. Each question is worth 20 points.

  • Choose any two audios AND two videos.
  • In your own words, discuss and critically analyze the major points in each of the audio and video.
  • In your own words, give at least two detailed examples accompanied with detailed explanations as to how they relate to society.
  • In your own words, give at least two detailed examples accompanied with detailed explanations as to how they relate to your personal life.
  • Finally, how, in your opinion, can the ideas discussed in the audios and videos be implemented in society and your own personal life?
    • What steps are necessary and how do you create or make those steps available so that those ideas can in a very practical way be implemented in society and your own personal life. Make sure you map out the steps in order.

An example of the sort of thought process you should be going through when you are watching the videos, listening to the audios, reading articles, and ultimately, writing you reflection paper.

  • Video or audio speaks of consuming alcohol or watching porn to the point of being categorized as an addiction.
  • Pros and cons of consuming alcohol or watching porn.
  • Various forms advertisement that are designed to speak for and against consuming alcohol or watching porn.
  • Dollar amount spent by companies to lure individuals towards consuming alcohol or watching porn.
  • Dollar amount spent by the individual to purchase alcohol or purchasing porn.
  • Amount of time spent consuming alcohol or watching porn?
  • What would happen if that dollar amount or time was to be spent towards helping the homeless, the poor or education?
  • Why isn’t that money spent on, for example, homelessness, poverty or education?
  • The physical, emotional and mental impacts of consuming alcohol or watching porn.
  • The social impacts of consuming alcohol or watching porn.
  • What roles do family and friends play in the presence of alcohol or porn in one’s life?
  • In what ways could consuming alcohol or watching porn be considered one’s rite passage into adulthood in the American culture.
  • Why would a culture or a society allow for such components to exist in people’s life in such a forceful way?
  • What causes addictive behavior?
  • Could consuming alcohol or watching porn be considered as coping mechanisms against such forces as depression, loneliness, grief, anger, frustration, etc.
  • How do capitalism and consumerism create such forces as depression, loneliness, grief, anger, frustration, etc.
  • Reasons as to why a culture would want to create such forms of coping mechanisms for its citizens.
  • Reasons as to why a culture creates so many individuals who suffer from depression, loneliness, grief, anger, frustration, etc.
  • What roles do and should politics and politicians play regarding such a cultural phenomenon?
  • What role does and should education play regarding such a cultural phenomenon?
  • What role does and should media and the music industry play regarding such a cultural phenomenon?
  • How does one deal with all these varied social and cultural forces.
  • How does an individual realize that he or she is addicted?
  • What sorts of emotions arise once this realization comes about?
  • What steps does one need to take in order to overcome such addictions?
  • What sort of a support system is needed by an individual to successfully overcome this addiction?
  • ETC.

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