week 8 discussion

After reading and thinking about the texts fully, consider if Natural Ethics is a normative theory. Remember, normative theories tell us how we ought to live. Does Natural Ethics tell us how to live? If so, what are its principles? Bentham had the Hedonic Calculator, Kant the Categorical Imperatives, Aristotle had Eudaimonia. These texts do not spell out a specific set of normative principles so it is your job to write them.

Please write your principles of Natural Ethics. After you write your principles, defend where you got the idea by using the texts. Quoting from the texts is appropriate in this exercise and also give some explanation.

Please post a half of page to one page by the end of Thursday and two responses to your classmates by the end of Sunday. Did you classmates get the essence of Natural Ethics or were their ideas fringe arguments? How valid were their explanations?

The relevant files will be uploaded, let me know if you have any further question.

This is a discussion board, you can use “first person” and write about your own opinion.

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