What is a Research paper

This assignment must be a 6–8-page description/research paper in current APA format that explains the diversity that may be found in today’s classrooms, and the unique characteristics and needs of the elementary school learner. Include diversity related to academics and learning styles, physical diversity, emotional diversity, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, multiple intelligences, etc. Make sure you include the topic of differentiation (process, product, content, environment, and choice), all facets of diversity, a description of appropriate learning experiences, instructional strategies, classroom environments, etc., that are effective for the elementary school learner. Reflect on Parker’s chapters on “Learning How to Care” and “Learning How to Shine,” and evaluate how these chapters may relate to the issues of diversity and differentiation in the classroom. You must integrate the Parker text throughout your paper. Do not give a synopsis or summary of the text, but work on a cohesive analysis and integration of the issues of diversity and differentiation. Be sure to incorporate at least 5 citations, no older than 5 years (unless used for historical information), as well.

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