Wrongful termination and laws or acts that can be cited to support claim

Please make sure you use proper academic resources and proper APA standards for each answer. Requires 3000 word count and at least four citations.

A manager at an airline raised concerns about the airline’s pay practices. She also complained that the performance appraisal process discriminated against female employees. After a number of run-ins with her supervisor, the supervisor determined that the woman “could not be trusted in a leadership position.” At a subsequent meeting between the employee, the supervisor, and an HR representative, the employee was told that she had the option of resigning or accepting a non-management, part-time customer service position in a different state. The woman said that she could not leave Colorado because of her three children. She eventually submitted a letter of resignation.

1.Can the woman still sue for wrongful termination? Why or why not?

2.What Laws or Acts will the woman cite in support of her claim and why? Please be specific.

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