A 68-year-old-female presents to the office with complaints of…

Question Answered step-by-step A 68-year-old-female presents to the office with complaints of… A 68-year-old-female presents to the office with complaints of severe dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, & fainting. She states she had bouts of dizziness over three days with increasing nausea to the point that she had a couple bouts of vomiting this morning.   She reports that she fainted once as a result of her symptoms, but is unable to recall any details of the episode only what witnesses told her.  She is currently being treated for hypertension with atenolol HCTZ. She occasionally uses Tylenol for joint stiffness and has a cocktail with friends. Physical ExamVS: BP supine 136/68 R, 138/88 L, HR 76; standing BP 134/86 R, 136/86 L, HR 78; RR 20, T 97.4Skin: pale, dry, turgor fair. Mucous membranes pink. No jaundice or bruising noted.HEENT: eyes: EOMs intact, no AV nicking or hemorrhage, vision corrected with glasses OD 20/40 & OS 20/30. Ears: TMs gray with light reflex present. Rinne & weber test WNL. Neck: thyroid nonpalpable, no carotid bruitsCV: S1S2 RRR. No murmur, gallops, or rubs.Lungs: CTAAbdomen: soft NT BS x 4 quadrants. No HSMNeuro: A&O x 3, CN II-VII & IX-XII intact. VIII diminished bilaterally to whisper test. No nystagmus. Motor function intact, gait intact, & muscle strength WNL.Ext: Full Range Of Motion in all extremities, 2+ pulses, no edema. Critical Thinking QuestionWhat additional assessment/diagnostics do you need?   Health Science Science Nursing NUR NSG 5502 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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