for mental health class 1) Please list at least three (3) signs/symptoms that someone withdrawing from alcohol may experience: A) B) C) 2) What

Question Answered step-by-step for mental health class1) Please list at least three (3) signs/symptoms that someone withdrawing from alcohol may experience:     A)     B)     C)2) What life-threatening medical condition can occur in someone who has abruptly stopped drinking alcohol? 3) List at least three (3) sign/symptoms of that life-threatening condition:      A)     B)     C)4) use the  CIWA Assessment Document found here: 5) Watch the first 3:10 of the attached video. Using the CIWA assessment form you printed, conduct a CIWA evaluation on the patient in the video. Record your score in each box on the CIWA assessment form, and total your scores up and write your total score at the bottom of the form.    here is the video, it is on youtube 6) After recording your score on the assessment form, watch the remaining part of the video and note the score they assigned next to yours.  Some scores are subjective, so it is expected that the score will vary a little. The expectation is a deviation less than +/- 4 points of the videos total score.  Example: videos total score 17 and your total score 19, that is within the anticipated deviation. video score 19 and your score 12, that is outside of the anticipated deviation..    7) Using the CIWA treatment protocol attached, what medications would you anticipate administering to the patient. Please list each medication and include why this medication is warranted, and the expected outcome/response to the medication. Responses like “because they are having alcohol withdrawals” are not acceptable. I have listed the first medication for you, Multivitamin.  here is the Alcohol Withdrawal ProtocolGive Thiamine 100mg IV initially and qd (po, IM/IV), Folate 1mg qd, MVI qd.Assess current state of withdrawal with CIWA-Ar scoring sheet, attached.A.CIWA <8 and Low RiskMonitor CIWA q shift for 2 daysIf CIWA >8, go to B.B.CIWA >8 OR Moderate RiskAtivan 1-2mg IV or 2-4mg PO x1 statAtivan 1mg IV or 2mg PO q4-6h standing Ativan 1 mg IV or 2mg PO q2h prnCIWA>8, HR>100 or DBP>100Hold dose for RR<10, or if patient is unresponsive to voice(or decreased oximetry, or other signs of intoxication) -HOLDdose until no toxicity, resume at lower doseAfter first 24 hours, total up 24-hour Ativanrequirement, then split into q4h or q6h standing dose for the next 24 hours.Day 3: Begin slow taper of Ativan dose, usually no more than 15-20% per day.  If frequent prndoses needed, consider stopping taper, raising dose, achieving stability, resuming at slower rateC.CIWA> 15 or High RiskConsider transfer to ICU.Ativan 2-4mg IV q15 minutes until stable, then use thatdose of Ativan that achieved stability IV q2-3h standingHold dose for RR<10, or if pt. is unresponsive to voice (or decreased oximetry, or other signs of intoxication) -HOLDdose until no toxicity, resume at lower doseGoals of treatment:CIWA<8, HR<100, DBP<100If this is achieved, total up 24-hour Ativan requirement and split into q4h or q6h standing dose for the next 24h.  Then begin slow taper of  Ativan dose (10-15%/day) 8) MVI: Multivitamin Infusion (sometimes referred to as a "banana bag" for its bright yellow appearance). Thiamine and folate are often included in this IV bag as well.MVIReason:Expected response:: Reason:Expected response: 9) How often would medications be administered to this patient? What is the goal with regards to medication administration with this patient? Part Two: RASS1) What is RASS and what is it used for? 2) Is a RASS assessment indicated on this patient? Why or why not? Please explain your answer.   Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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