It was 9 am on a Thursday I received a call from a Mrs.E 55-year-old Female about her 9:30 am appointment for prophylaxis that she would be late as…

Question Answered step-by-step It was 9 am on a Thursday I received a call from a Mrs. N.E 55-year-oldFemale about her 9:30 am appointment for prophylaxis that she would be late as she wasn’t feeling well.As she arrived, she kept mentioning how her head is hurting and that she feels dizzy as soon as she woke up but chose to proceed with her dental appointment as she doesn’t have any more free time from work.Mrs. N.E is an African-American woman, on the heavier side weighing 180lbs, and has a known history of hypertension and allergies to penicillin and ibuprofen listed on her chart. The last time she came for a visit, an entry about poor compliance to hypertension medications was made.As she was seated on the chair, vital signs were assessed. Her blood pressure is elevated at 190/100mmHg. She comments that this has been usual for her and that a few days ago, it was even at 200/100mmHg when she had a visit at their company clinic.I asked her if she was able to take her medications this morning and she said yes, but she forgot to take yesterday’s dose.I was preparing the materials needed for the procedure when suddenly Mrs. N.E’s voice becomes weird whilst talking. It became runny and weird and somewhat slurred.I look at her and notice her Left eye to be drooping and the corner of her left lip too.She goes on to talk about her work some more and the slurring of speech becomes evident.5 minutes later, I rechecked her vital signs and the BP was 200/110mmHg. She noted how her head is hurting still and that her left arm feels numb and weird. Considering the facts presented, please make an educated guess as to what medical emergency is being played out/describedPlease list of actions, that should be taken (by the clinician), in response to the medical emergency you believe to be taking place   Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 110 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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