Natalie Shelton, 17 years old, was recently released to her…

Question Natalie Shelton, 17 years old, was recently released to her… Natalie Shelton, 17 years old, was recently released to her mother’s custody from the juvenile detention center, where she spent the night following her third arrest for driving under the influence. Natalie is now at home with her mother and younger brother. Natalie’s father committed suicide 4 months ago, and the family has been under a great deal of stress since that time, which has been exacerbated by Natalie’s drinking. The family’s response to stress is often a time for nursing intervention. Questions for students: Discuss some approaches to the family as client. What resources exist that could help this family?Consider the functions of the family as discussed in your Community Health eBook. Discuss how understanding more about the Shelton family’s functioning will help the community and public health (C/PH) nurse identify appropriate family interventions. What will the C/PH nurse observe in a family who is experiencing a healthy response to stress as compared with a family experiencing a maladaptive response to stress? Health Science Science Nursing COMMUNITY NUR4145 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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