QUESTION 1 A characteristic that varies from one person or thing to…

QuestionAnswered step-by-stepQUESTION 1 A characteristic that varies from one person or thing to…

QUESTION 1A characteristic that varies from one person or thing to another is called a:  a. Interpretation  b. Variable  c. Grouping  d. Data pointQUESTION 2A health nurse kept track of the number of pamphlets on infant nutrition given out each week over a seven week period. The results are shown below:Find the median for the given sample data85, 15, 214, 168, 292, 237, 235  a. 214  b. 178  c. 168  d. 235QUESTION 3A health researcher used the following data set showing the weight in pounds gained or lost by a sample of eight laboratory animals given a drug.8.1 -7.0 2.0 3.0-2.4 2.2 5.5 -5.3 Determine n, xi and x̅  a. n = 8,  xi = 6.1 and x̅ = 0.76  b. n = 8,  xi = 6.1 and x̅ = 0.87  c. n = 7,  xi = 6.1 and x̅ = 0.76       d. n = 7,  xi = 6.1 and x̅ = 0.87     QUESTION 4A local nursing student gathered the following data regarding the price, in dollars, of a regular first aid kit at twelve competing pharmacies. Find the range for the given data set.32.95 24.95 26.95 28.9518.95 28.95 30.95 22.9524.95 26.95 29.95 28.95   a. $12  b. $14  c. $10  d. $8QUESTION 5A medical journal publisher mails a survey to every subscriber asking about the quality of subscription service. The total number of subscribers represents the:  a. Population  b. SampleQUESTION 7 A store manager wishes to determine whether his customers would be prepared to pay a little extra for organic produce. He uses a random number table to choose 50 random numbers between 1 and 200. He stands outside the store on a Monday morning between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon and interviews the people corresponding to the random numbers. For example random number 82 would correspond to the 82nd person to arrive. Do you think that the sample obtained in this way will be representative of all the stores customers?        QUESTION 8An education researcher was interested in examining the effect of the teaching method and the effect of the particular teacher on students scores on a math test. In a study, there are four different teachers (1, 2, 3, 4), and three different teach methods (A, B, C). The number of students participating in the study is 266. Students are randomly assigned to a teaching method and teacher.Identify the response variable.  a. Methods A, B and C  b. Score on the math test  c. Teaching method  d. Teacher  e. None of the above QUESTION 9At one hospital in 1992, 674 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Five years later, 88% of the Caucasian women and 83% of the Asian women were still alive. Is this a designed experiment or observational study?  a. Observational Study  b. Designed ExperimentQUESTION 10Find the mean of the given sample data. The local salary of paramedics in the last two weeks.$ 3,648.93 $ 4,116.87 $ 2,609.40 $ 2,176.20$ 4,025.26 $ 3,158.70 $ 2,837.88  $ 2,735.46 $ 1,933.28 $ 1,660.52    a. $3211.39          b. $2890.25          c. $2884.25          d. $3612.81                      QUESTION 11In a clinical trial, 600 participants suffering from high blood pressure were randomly assigned to one of three groups. Over a one month period, the first group received a low dosage of an experimental drug, the second group received a high dosage of the drug, and the third group received a placebo. The diastolic blood pressure of each participant was measured at the beginning and the end of the period and the change in blood pressure recorded.Identify the experimental units (subjects).  a. The three different groups  b. The diastolic blood pressures of the patients  c. The treatment (i.e., placebo, low dosage, or high dosage of the drug)  d. The participants in the experimentQUESTION 12From a group of 496 students, every 49th student starting with the 3rd student is selected. Identify the type of sampling used in this example.  a. Systematic random sampling  b. Stratified sampling  c. Cluster sampling  d. Simple random samplingQUESTION 13Human blood type (A, B, AB, or O) is an example of which type of data  a. Qualitative Data  b. Quantitative DataQUESTION 15 In a right-skewed data set, the median is ___[a]___ than the mean. QUESTION 16 Scores on a test have a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 8. One student has a score of 78. Convert this score to a z-score (show your work)Why might it be more useful to see a z-score rather than a test score when looking at data from a whole class?     QUESTION 17 Stratified random sampling is:   a. When a population is divided into sub populations and sampling is conducted from each of these  b. When a population is divided into groups or clusters and sampling is conducted from each cluster  c. When a population is divided into groups and each group is further divided into equal, homogenous parts and sampled using a random number table  d. When a population is divided by the sample size and the a random number table helps choose numbersQUESTION 18 The average paramedic achievement scores for students at post secondary institutions in Canada are presented below.  606  588  587  586  582  578  561  555  550548  542  540  537  537  534  532  530  528Which of the following lists (ordered: min, Q1, median, Q3, max) is the correct five number summary.  a. 528, 537, 548, 578, 606  b. 528, 537, 549, 582, 606  c. 528, 537, 550, 582, 606  d. 528, 537, 548, 581, 606QUESTION 19 The average weight of ICU patients in any given day is an example of which type of data:   a. Qualitative Data  b. Quantitative DataQUESTION 20 The branch of statistics that consists of methods of organizing and summarizing information into graphs, charts, tables and so on, is referred to as:   a. Inferential Statistics  b. Descriptive Statistics  c. Population Statistics  d. Qualitative Statistics  QUESTION 21 The collection of all individuals or items under consideration in a statistical study is referred to as the:   a. Population  b. Sample  c. Inference  d. Description                            QUESTION 22 The data in the following table show the results of a survey of medical patients asking which doctors office they would choose given the eight choices shown. Determine the value that should be entered in the relative frequency column for Dr. Leos.  Office Frequency Relative Frequency  Dr. Scout 26    Dr. Leos 95    Dr. Ross 18    Dr. Gilly 21    Dr. Juliannas 6    Dr. Sharona 20    Dr. Emarf 8    Dr. Barlow 6      a. 0.0475      b. 0.475      c. 0.95      d. 95                                             QUESTION 23 The following table shows the heights of the five tallest mountains in North America. What kind of data is given in the second column of the table? Mountain Height (ft) Rank  McKinley 20,320 1  Logan 19,580 2  Citlatepec 18,700 3  St. Elias 18,008 4  Popocatepetl 17,887 5    a. Qualitative      b. Discrete      c. Continuous      d. Categorical               QUESTION 24 The manager of an athletic team measured the length of the leftover rolls of athletic tape after a season, they are listed below, in meters. Find the sample standard deviation. 0.566, 0.807, 0.365, 0.244, 0.436, 0.571, 0.125  a. 0.4449 m  b. 3.1140 m  c. 0.4360 m  d. 0.2276 mQUESTION 25 The number of child patients that are triaged in the emergency room on a given weekend is an example of which type of data:   a. Quantitative, Continuous  b. Qualitative, Categorical  c. Quantitative, Discrete  d. Qualitative, DiscreteQUESTION 26 The salaries of 10 randomly selected college instructors are show below.  $21,000, $76,000, $102,000, $129,000, $44,500, $106,500, $124,000, $116,000, $93,000, $88,500Find the median for the given salaries.  a. $90,500  b. $72,000  c. $97,500  d. $87,500QUESTION 27 The table below shows the average income by age group for the residents of one town in the year 1998. The average incomes for each age group are estimates based on a sample of size 100 from each group. Is this study descriptive or inferential? Age Group Average Income  18-24 $17,180  25-39 $26,661  40-54 $32,471  55-70 $25,960  Over 70 $18,241    a. Descriptive    b. Inferential                                 QUESTION 28 The table shows the country represented by the winner of the 10 km run in the Summer Olympic Games in various years. Find the mode(s) of the given sample data. Year Country  1912 Finland  1920 Finland  1924 Finland  1928 Finland  1932 Poland  1936 Finland  1948 Czechoslovakia  1952 Czechoslovakia  1956 USSR  1960 USSR  1964 United States  1968 Kenya  1972 Finland  1976 Finland  1980 Ethiopia  1984 Italy  1988 Morocco  1992 Morocco    a. 1912    b. Morocco    c. 7    d. Finland    e. none of the above                    QUESTION 29 The weekly salaries (in dollars) of 16 research lab technicians are listed below. Find the first quartile, Q1 680 571 713 652    718 563 489 635    519 680 688 465    555 787 596 726      a. $525.25    b. $643.50    c. $495.75    d. $559.00               QUESTION 30 True or false? In simple random sampling, each possible sample is equally likely to be the obtained.   a. True  b. FalseQUESTION 31 Use limit grouping to organize these data into a frequency distribution. A medical research team studied the ages of patients who had strokes caused by stress. The ages of 24 patients who suffered gallstones were as follows. 31 32 38 43 47 52 59 6362 40 38 49 42 34 60 4863 58 47 48 64 38 40 42 Construct a frequency distribution for these ages. Use 4 Classes beginning with a lower class limit of 30 and class width of 10.Age Group Frequency            QUESTION 33 When investigating wait times in walk in clinics the following results (in minutes) were obtained. Clinic A 120 123 153 128 124 118 154 110Clinic B 115 126 147 156 118 110 145 137 Find the range and standard deviation for each of the two samples, then compare the two sets of results  a. Both measures indicate there is more variation in the data for clinic BClinic A 44 16.2Clinic B 46 16.9  b. It is inconclusive at to which data set has more variationClinic A 26 16.2Clinic B 44 16.9  c. Both measures indicate there is more variation in the data for clinic AClinic A 43 16.9Clinic B 67 16.9                         QUESTION 37 You are working for Canadian Blood Services and have taken blood donations from 40 individuals. In your notes, you have kept a table of the patient’s blood type but your supervisor wants a quick summary of the information. O A A O O AB O B A OA O A B O O O AB A AA B O A A O O B O OO A O O A B O O A AB Construct a frequency and relative frequency distribution of the data.Blood Type Frequency Relative FrequencyAB    A    B    O    Sum 40 1                               MathStatistics and ProbabilitySTATISTICS 22619Share Question

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